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How to block video websites with WFIlter 4.1?

WFilter 4.1 has a url library so you can block “Streaming Media” category to block video websites.Proceed as follows:

Step 1. New a “blocking level” in “Policy Settings->Blocking Levels”, then check “Block webpages by categories” and select new in “Category”:

Step 2. Deny “Streaming Media” category and save setting:

Step 3. Apply this blocking level to computer in “Policy Settings->User-device List”:

Step 4. Visit a video website and check result:

Step 5. You can see the blocking records in “Current Online->Real-time Blocking”:

How to activate WFilter 4.1?

WFilter supports online activation and Email activation.

If you choose to activate your product over the Internet, upon your submisson the activation wizard will detect your Internet connection and connect to a secure server to transfer your register key to us. The registration is passed back to you, automatically activating WFilter, if the register key is valid.

If you choose to activate your product by email activation, you should input the register key in text box and click the “confirm”. You will get an activation code. Please send them to the support email box. The validation code will be sent back to you within 24 hours. Please copy them in the valiation code textbox to activate your product.

1. Steps of Online Activation

Online activation requires an available internet connection to connect to WFilter activation server.

1). In “Help”->”About” of WFilter, click “Product Activation”.

2). Input your key number and use “online activation” to do online activation.

3). Successful activation.

2. Steps of Email Activation

Online activation requires an available internet connection. If you can not connect to WFilter activation server, you also can use “Email Activation”.

1). Input your key number and use “email activation” to do online activation.

2). In “Email Activation”, copy the activation code and send to support email address.

3) It might take several hours to receive the reply email since the response email is sent manually.

4). In “Help”->”About” of WFilter, you need to enter the received validation code into WFilter.

3. De-activation

Sometimes, you might want to move the key to another computer. You need to de-activate this key first.
Click “deactivate” in “Help”->”About” to de-activate the key.

How to customize scheduled reports in WFilter?

In WFilter 4.1, you can customize the email format for WFilter standard reports. With this feature, you can customize the emails sent to users.

For example, if you want a client to receive a monthly email of total bandwidth consumed, you can enable this feature. The email will look like being sent from you. Check below steps:

Edit a standard report

Edit a standard report, choose “Report Format” as “Customize”.

Customize the email content

Just input the email content, you can use the replacing marks listed. Html syntax is supported.

Now you can click “Send” and check your email. It’s exact what you’ve typed in.

How to detect network devices which are running NAT services or proxy services with WFilter?

Using WFilter’s “NAT Detector” plugin, you can detect client devices which are running NAT services or proxy services.

In this example, I will guide you to use the “NAT Detector” plugin of WFilter.

1. Install “NAT Detector” plugin.

2. Detect client devices which are running NAT services or proxy services.

Devices running NAT/proxy services will be listed, together with the client devices.

3. Set temporary blocking

You can set temporary blocking for punishment

How to lookup IP, MAC and Port information with WFilter?

Using “IP/MAC/Port lookup” plugin, you can get the IP location, MAC vendor and port protocol information based on user input.

In this example, I will guide you to use the “IP/MAC/Port lookup” plugin of WFilter.

1. Install “IP/MAC/Port lookup” plugin

2.1 Look up IP location


2.2 Look up MAC vendor

Input 00-0B-2F-7B-47-64

2.3 Look up port protocol information

Input 80

How to block facebook videos on network without blocking

Complete blocking of is cruel to users, you might want to only block facebook videos or photos without blocking the entire site.

According to our test, facebook now hosts all its photos and videos in “”. If you block “*” with WFilter’s “https black list”, you still can access facebook, but no photo or video will show up. Your facebook becomes a simple text site.

Tests also shows all photos are hosted in domains named “fbcdn-sphotos-*”. To block facebook photos only, you can block tls sites “fbcdn-sphotos-*”.

Facebook local videos are hosted in “fbcdn-video-*”, to block facebook videos only, you need to add “fbcdn-video-*” into “website black list” of WFilter. The below figure shows a video being blocked.

How to block DropBox with WFilter free?

From version 1.0.172, WFilter free is able to block dropbox on network. In this guide, I will demonstrate you to block dropbox with WFilter free edition.

1.Download dropbox protocol

2.New a “block dropbox” policy

New a “block dropbox” policy in “Policy Settings”->”Blocking Level Settings”.

3.Define ip ranges to be blocked

Apply the “block utorrent” policy to client ip ranges in “User-device List”.

4.Check dropbox program and website

Can’t connect to dropbox server and website.

How to block utorrent downloading with WFilter 4.1?

From version 4.1, WFilter is able to block bittorrent traffic on network. Various bittorrent clients are supported, including utorrent. In this guide, I will demonstrate you to block utorrent downloading with WFilter 4.1, Web Filter Software.

Please Notice: in pass-by filtering mode, you need to block udp ports 1024-65534 in your router or firewall for complete blocking of utorrent.

Below are the steps to block utorrent in WFilter, if you haven’t deployed WFilter successfully, please check “WFilter Deployment Guide”.

1.New a “block utorrent” policy

New a “block utorrent” policy in “Policy Settings”->”Blocking Level Settings”.

Define ip ranges to be blocked.

Apply the “block utorrent” policy to client ip ranges in “User-device List”.

3.Now utorrent downloading is blocked.

Utorrent download speed will be zero when blocked.

In WFilter’s blocking history logs, you will be able to see blocking events of utorrent .

A simple deployment of WFilter with wireless router

Usually, a manageable switch or router with “port mirroring” feature is required for correct WFilter deployment. In case you only have a wireless router which does not support “port mirroring”, you can try this solution, which is simple to deployment.

The point is to “configure the WFilter PC as your internet gateway and turn the wireless router into a wireless AP.”

The network topology diagram:

1.Configure the WFilter PC as internet gateway

The first step is to make the WFilter PC acting as your internet gateway. The WFilter PC shall have two network adapters, one for internet access( usually connected to an ADSL modem), another one for local subnet(shall be configured as “obtain ip address automatically).

We use Win7 in this example. And you’re supposed to have setup internet connection in one network adapter.

1.1 Sharing Internet to local subnet

Click “Sharing” in “Properties” of the adapter which is connected to internet in “Control Panel”->“Network and Internet”->“Network Connections”, and choose “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”. (Figure1)

Now, another adapter(“LAN Connection”) will be assigned the ip address (It will be in windows XP).

This is the default gateway for local subnet devices to access internet. To make it work for wireless devices, you also need to modify your wireless router’s settings.

2. Turn your wireless router into a wireless AP

Because the WFilter PC is sharing its internet, we only need the wireless router to act as a wireless AP.

Please leave the WAN interface dis-connected, and connect the “LAN Connection” adapter of the WFilter PC to a LAN interface of your wireless router(Can be every LAN interface, usually connect to LAN1).

2.1 Modify Lan interface ip address

Assign ip address “” to the lan interface. If the WFilter computer is windows XP, the ip address shall be “”.

2.2 Disable DHCP service

Because the WFilter PC is serving DHCP, now you need to turn off the dhcp service of the wireless router to avoid conflicting.


The last step is to configure the “LAN Connection” adapter as the monitoring adapter in “Monitoring Settings” of WFilter. And you’re able to monitor and filter local network users.