The ISP module of WFilter NG Firewall, a total solution for ISP management.

For ISP network management, you will need:

  1. User authentication.
  2. Monitor and filter of internet activities.
  3. Bandwidth shaper.
  4. Accounting and statistics.

Usually, you will need several systems to achieve this goal. Today, WFilter NG Firewall, a linux based next generation firewall provides a total solution for ISP network management, with below features:

  1. Two types of authentication: “Web Auth” and “PPPoE Auth”.
  2. An “Internet Usage” module to record web surfing, downloading activities.
  3. Rich internet access control policies: web filter, application control, ip-mac binding …
  4. Bandwidth policies of realtime rate limit and monthly bandwidth cap limit.
  5. Bandwidth optimize solutions.
  6. Internet usage and bandwidth statistics.
  7. A web push feature to push statistics, web page and advertise.

All these features can be configured in the “WFilter ISP module“.

Some screenshots:


User settings

User Portal

More details can be found at here: WFilter NG Firewall ISP Module

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